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Contact us by email  cw@christinawedel.dk 


You can pay by Visa card or Mastercard.
Do not have one of the above cards, you can pay by transfer to the bank account in Nordea in reg 2253 - account 0727183582nd Once you have completed the purchase form on the product, it says accurate info about how to transfers, so we can register your purchase.

Access to digital products delivered - by paying by credit card - to your inbox immediately.
If you pay by bank transfer you will receive login to your product when we have registered the payment on our bank account. 

Access to digital products transmitted to the account with which the buyer has entered into the order field. 

The email address can be changed either by emailing us at  cw@christinawedel.dk  or correct it themselves under "Your Profile".


All rights workshops, courses, events and digital products belonging to Christina Wedel Aps

When purchasing digital products obtained a license to use the purchased product for one person per. purchase.

Every product is personal and therefore you must not totally or partially sell, lend, give it bought away or otherwise distribute the product without prior written agreement with Christina Wedel.

The material you buy is yours to own forever. However, we do not guarantee perpetual online hosting why you should download your material to your own computer / tablet / phone. We never closes down for online access without making you aware of this via the e-mail you purchased the product with at least one month's notice. It is for you as a customer to keep your email updated in order to receive any. notice. You can update your email by going to your account, or by writing to us.


Prices are given incl. VAT and Danish Kroner
There is obviously no payment fees.


In less than one month to the organization required 50% of the fee. In less than 14 days to be held no refund. However, you are always welcome to transfer your seat to someone else. Contact us with information about who takes your place.

In the case of allocated bonus product in the context of a purchase, the price charged for the product bonus for reimbursement. Is the price of the bonus product higher than what amounts to be credited, issued invoice for the remaining amount.


Be granted 14 days to return. If you regret your purchase within 14 days, please contact us at  cw@christinawedel.dk  and you will get your money refunded.

There are NO returns on tickets to live events.

Note: When purchasing digital products, where the material is delivered immediately, they lapse 14 days to cancel.


You only have access to the material in the membership site, when you are an active member. 

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